Success Principles

Success Principles

Are you looking for a way to cut through the internet hype and know what really works? Understanding what PRINCIPLES are will help you do just that. Let’s face it, if you have or have not spent much time on the internet living a principled life will make you rich in many ways. There are no short cuts in making your “millions” :-) All the internet masters, gurus, mentors, etc.. you come across that provide REAL VALUE to you have, and continue worked hard and smart to put plans together to serve their target markets, solve as many problems as possible, and are CONSISTENT in doing this. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make money fast on the internet though, it just means that when you do the right thing you’ll have success. Principles are all about doing the right thing. Applying key principles in your internet endeavors¬†will turn you into a TRUSTED EXPERT people can go to because they know you have their BEST INTEREST in mind at all times.

Each day I work with students who ask how they can make money on the internet and I always refer back to guiding principles that I’ve learned and apply in my life to help them be successful.

So, let’s start…What really is a principle you ask? It appeared to me a while ago that for a statement to pass the litmus test so to speak and fall into the category of a principle it MUST lead us to one final destination: TRUE HAPPINESS. An example of the opposite of living a principled life online would be situations where you’re sacrificing yourself, your desires, dreams and goals for the sake of making a quick buck online. I’ve come across alot of people who have tons of money but are not truly happy; do you know anyone like that?

You can reach your income goals, you can live a life worth living, and love what you do while you make tons of money on the internet if you do it right which means following principles. So with that said, below is a table of contents of internet marketing principles that are hyper-linked to articles that I’ve written. Simply click on the link to read further…and be sure to share your comments! I love hearing from like-minded people like you :-)

How I define the term principle:

A principle is a compacted statement of TRUTH that you can apply to ALWAYS generate the SAME RESULT in TIME. Click HERE to read my top 13 thoughts about the subject of principles.

Internet Marketing Principles

  1. Building a business upon your passions leads to a sustainable business
  2. People are the asset and the liability in any target market
  3. Build a relationship with the people on the lists you build
  4. Without crystallizing and growing your vision plans fail
  5. Automate your system processes online leads to greater freedom in your life
  6. Duplicate yourself by hiring others, entering into joint ventures etc…
  7. Track your results online to avoid being left in the dark
  8. Give more than you ask

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