About Me


I’m a true blooded Utah boy; born and raised and love it! I currently live in Utah Valley with my gorgeous wife Marcie and two amazing children.

I love to laugh and have a great time. Brian Regan is the funniest guy on the planet. I can listen to him time and time again and still laugh my head off each time I hear him. I’m often accused of having cheesy jokes here and there, which I don’t mind at all…the more cheese dripping from the joke the better; they’re usually more clean anyway :-)

People who know me we well say that I provide the vision to a project and do well at illustrating the benefits or consequences of an idea that is being discussed. I’m not perfect at doing this in my mind, but I enjoy crystallizing the vision and knowing where I’m going in life and helping others do the same.

I’m also a hippie health nut, just without the hair :-) I think All those pastries I had on my LDS mission in Germany clogged all of the life-sustaining head follicles on my scalp. So my perspective on it is that i’m now faced with saving money on shampoo and turning that into millions….mooohahaha….not a bad a result :-) Now if that isn’t a postive outlook I don’t know what is.

Continuing on the nutritional kick….I have lots of fun creating all kinds of fruit and vegetable smoothie concoctions. The best tasting ones are the berry smoothies..tons less sugary than Jamba Juice and far more healthier for ya :-) My veggie smoothies however, well, you can’t be a pansy because some of them require you to have some tough taste buds (or no taste buds at all..haa) and a stomach full of eager acid to digest them. When you think you’re tough enough to try one let me know. If you’re looking for an effective way though to get your kids to eat their veggies, making a mild, nummmy berry/veggie smoothie is the way to go!

Having philisophical discussions, and intriguing conversation in person and in writting is something I thouroughly enjoy; especially with those who don’t get offended easily and are teachable. I respect people who clearly cummunicate verbally, and in writting and can persuade me to a more enlightened way of thinking, especially if they are proactive about their approach. My wife is an excellent proactive communicator for any of you who is looking for an example to follow. Check out her blogs at SynergyMom and JesseeJournal.

Building up my businesses in real estate and investing seems to be my favorite thing to do with my free-time, beside having fun with my family. The past 2 and 1/2 years have been devoted toward acquiring 6.2 million dollars of real estate, selling it all off through assignment to other people/companies, developing an online real estate automation system, and participating in a few private investments ( this is the basic nutshell). The Real Estatesman Group, LLC, is the company that we set up to do our real estate acquisition, and it also houses our online automation real estate system under the name of MyRepC.




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