Obama’s after Power & Ego Boost – Not Liberty – Recent Gun Laws Prove it

egoYet another AP news article that supports the idea that Obama and his fellow parasites are after power, not preservation of liberty and freedom. After reading this article, I find it very hard to believe again that anyone in political office supporting the recent gun laws don’t understand that the measures Obama is passing will do NOTHING to preserve liberty. Everything Obama and his team of supports and influencers point toward boosting their egos and seeking for power, which cannot be tolerated. How can someone like our president in the position he is in, ignore the principles of liberty, violate the constitution, and be so far off base? Those who voted for him and put him in office are clearly among the worlds most uneducated about how to have conviction to preserve and prosper the principles of prosperity this very nation is based upon. So what do we do about it? I suggest first, educating yourself and others each day about the constitution and how to uphold liberty, second, gather together with like minds, and third liberate yourself financially ASAP, and fourth, take massive, focused action. The sooner all of us can do these previous four steps the better in my perspective. Don’t you think?


Source: http://m.apnews.mobi/ap/db_21292/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=cdT6bFuN

AP News  Will Obama s order lead to surge in gun research

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