Where is self health diagnosis of disease going in the future?

Is there a low cost way of self health diagnosis of disease in the human body? I for one would be a fan of that for sure. How many doctor fees do you find yourself having to pay, sometimes paying multiple doctors to just find out about what’s wrong? George M Whiteside, a chemist at Harvard University, invented a insanely low cost approach that is under development that is quite exciting that solves the problem of how to self diagnose disease yourself! It’s quite a fascinating process. If you have ever wondered if it’s possible to diagnose certain diseases yourself at a low cost that generates reliable results, then watch this video by George Whiteside:

Nutrition Principles: #4 – Human genes do not dictate disease all on their own. Genes function only by being activated or expressed. Good and bad genes can be turned off and on. We can only hope that George Whiteside’s invention of self health diagnosis of disease becomes commercialized and placed within reach of the regular health consumer. What are your thoughts about George Whiteside’s invention and what it means to you and the future of doctors and personal health and disease discovery and prevention?

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