How long does it take to form a new habit? New discovery…

So… I’ve been reading one of the BEST sales books I’ve ever come across. The author is Kevin Hogan; the book: “The Science of Influence”.  If you want to influence others to say “YES” to your proposal(s) and have them eagerly wanting to work with you, imagine for a moment finding a book that will teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how to do this very thing.  How would you feel if you could be so persuasive & influential among your friends, family, and most surprisingly the people you’ve never met before to win them over in 8 minutes or less to your way of thinking! Well, this book shares the newest, ground breaking secrets, principles and techniques into doing just that.

Over the next few months I’ll be sharing my personal thoughts and ideas about various highlights I found valuable in the book along with showing you HOW to APPLY the principles and techniques Kevin and I discuss. And by the way, do yourself a BIG favor NOW and pick up a copy of his book: “The Science of Influence – How to get anyone to say YES in 8 minutes or less!” by Kevin Hogan. It’ll be one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

To get started here is one of the first highlights I found noteworthy to base today’s sales tip upon:

It used to be said that a new habit takes 21 days to form. It now appears that it takes five days to form a new habit that is repeated daily (i.e., to create new neural pathways in the brain). Unfortunately, creating a new habit rarely if ever erases an old habit. That means choice continues to be involved in ever day decisions and change, even though there is a new highway. (page 2)

Trent’s insights:

I think what Kevin is saying here is that even though we may have created a new habit, we’ll still need to make a conscious effort each day with our conscious mind to make this “new habit” that was formed within the past 5 days to really stick. Our subconscious mind is a reactionary muscle and purely reflexive to the moment. I compare the subconscious mind to the hard wiring of a house; once it’s in it’s there for a while and can be a pain in the kiester to rip out and replace.

How to apply it:

What action step can you begin visualizing today and put into action that will help you generate more sales on your site? Here are my top five ideas to consider applying each day for the next FIVE days:

  1. Day ONE: choose one thing on your website that you can add, change or remove that would increase the persuasiveness of your message to your target audience.
  2. Day TWO: what one thing on your website can you add, change or remove that would make your website easier for your customers to get what they want?
  3. Day THREE: what system could you research and/or begin implementing to automate the delivery of the value that your business shares?
  4. Day FOUR: what type of incentives could you provide to your customers to take action TODAY instead of tomorrow in terms of buying something from you?
  5. Day FIVE: make a target list of at least 5 people to call, email or meet up with to show them how your service and/or product can help them; for this is what sales is really all about!


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