4 Simple Steps in creating more certainty in your online sales

How certain or sure are you that your product/service will sell? Are you guessing or hoping that someone “out there” will stumble across your website and and then start buying up all your products like crazy?

The interesting note here is that most people who have a website think that by virtue of having their own “real estate” space online that this will automatically generate a sudden influx of income to them in their lives. The reality of making sales online is quite the opposite.

One of the most common questions I get while teaching small business owners how to successfully build their business online is…drum roll…:-)  “how do I make money online? ”  A close second question is “how do I create more certainty” in selling online?”

Here are FOUR simple steps to apply if you want to create more CERTAINTY in your online sales:

1) create a solid product/service that is in demand that will solve specific problems/challenges among the people in your target market

2) create your sales funnel – how to deliver the product/service

3) put a system in place to automate the sales funnel as much as possible thus creating more time for you to develop relationships with those in your market.

4) incentivize your target market, sales team, affiliates, etc.. to purchase/sell more of your products.

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