9 Keys to Selling on the Internet

Through the course of marking your products and services on the internet, here are the 9 major keys to include in your sales efforts:

CALL to ACTION: When a customer comes to your home page, or any sales page do they see a CLEAR call to take action? If not you may be loosing customers as we speak. People need to be shown what to do when they come to your site. Calls to action include things like: SIGN UP, DOWNLOAD HERE, REGISTER NOW, LEARN MORE, etc..
AUTHORITY and ASSOCIATION: When you link your product/service to a celebrity chances are you’ll sell more..why? It’s because you are associating your product with someone that is a huge success, or may even endorse or support your product/service.
PAIN & PLEASURE: Show your customer negative effects, the pain or downfalls they stand to experience if they leave without purchasing your product/service today. All of us are motivated by TWO major EMOTIONS: PAIN and PLEASURE. Explaining or visually depicting the inverse of pain is ho they will experience great pleasure, satisfaction and happiness by having your product.
SCARCITY: If you don’t act today you may NEVER see this offer EVER AGAIN! There are 9 spaces left. Secure your spot while you still have time. This is a LIMITED OFFER.  All of the aforementioned statements are ways of creating scarcity, and hence a greater motivation for the customer to ACT TODAY instead of later.
SOCIAL PROOF: Share your testimonials in everything you sell. You can use audio clips, videos, and/or text. Has anyone used your product/service, or experienced the quality of it? Do you have any raving fans? Providing social proof that what you’re selling ACTUALLY WORKS is critical to your success in selling online. On the same note, also make it easy for your customers to share their comments on your blog or website, along with submitting testimonials and feedback. A person shouldn’t have to search around to make a comment or feedback..it won’t happen.
PERCEPTION: The reason why you and I act the way we do is based off of how we view the world around us, including ourselves. Helping our potential customers see ABOVE THE FOREST figuratively speaking does wonders in helping them see the END in MIND. Show them that you see a far greater picture than they do and they’ll begin to see things differently, including your offer.
WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER: If I haven’t purchased the product myself, tried it out and know for sure that it’s SOLID, then I dont’ share it, PERIOD. If you’re selling things you have no idea about, haven’t taken the time to investigate them this practice will come back and bite ya in the butt. People want to see that you are in the same boat they are, and that you’re in this together. Making this a habit in your sales efforts will not only help you make more money, but create a powerful synergy among your clients who are far more likely to spread the word for you…even for free.
DISARM: Being honest, right up front disarms your customers with the pre-conceived notions they have about you and the offer being presented. It does more than this also.. telling customers that “I make a commission when you buy this product” is probably something they may know already, but telling it out in the open shows that you’re not hiding anything and expresses the “What’s In It for YOU” element. All of us act out of our best interest, and want to do what will benefit us.
OPPORTUNITY: In your sales presentation make your OPPORTUNITY clear as day. What you should be selling is the END RESULT, NOT the benefits. People are far more interested and motivated in acting upon what your product/service will do for them in their lives..what they will experience as a result of having purchased today. Explaining just the benefits of the product doesn’t do much except for building up the product and is dis-attached from the person. Remember you’re selling to PEOPLE who have DREAMS, and aspirations of a better live…help the achieve it!
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