Resume Tip of the Week

When listing and organizing job content on a résumé, you must include powerful job descriptions that describe what you did in a direct, concise, and thorough manner. A job description should paint a vivid picture for the reader so they can clearly understand your role and responsibilities. For example, it would be easy for me to tell a reader that I went for a bike ride last weekend, but it doesn’t provoke interest or create excitement about what I did. What I could say that would generate interest and demonstrate my initiative, hard work, and ability to succeed is, “My bike ride was a 75-mile Bike-A-Thon in support of cancer research, in which I raised $3,000 and rode in 35° rainy weather while nursing a pulled calf muscle.” Notice the difference in the picture I painted? Make sure you include details, timelines, and metrics when developing your content to improve your marketability and create more impact.

Take the time to look closely at your résumé’s content and put yourself in the seat of your reader. Are you effectively marketing your areas of expertise and qualifications? Does your résumé present your abilities the way you want them to be perceived? Your résumé should describe what you can do, explain how you did it, and clearly detail the results of your efforts. Improving how your content is presented will improve your chances of getting an interview.

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