7 Reason to use WordPress

This post will share 7 reasons why WordPress is your “must have” system to give you complete control over your online business.

**News Flash** WordPress is no longer just a blogging platform as you’ll find. Although it started off and continues to be advertised as a free blogging software, hoards of internet users from newbies to the pros are using WordPress as their first choice of systems to easily promote their businesses online at lightning speeds.

Reason 1:  Wicked fast set-up

In about 15 minutes or less you can have your WordPress website set up and ready to add content to…yes, it’s the cold hard truth. Thanks to strategic partnerships between hosting companies, wordpress and automated scripting companies like Simple Scripts you can have WordPress installed in just a few clicks of the mouse.Here is the WordPress set-up guide with pictures on how to do this yourself quite easily.

Reason 2:  SEO Luvin

Optimizing your website for search engines is a continual task, not a one time shot as some people think. As you start to add relevant content to your wordpress site you’ll notice a number of tools that make this process more enjoyable.  The built-in page and code editor, the plugin repository, free themes, all can help you optimize your wordpress site more effectively, but it does take some wisdom to tie all these tools into serving your audience the best possible.

Even if you choose to hire an SEO consultant to manage this endeveor for you their burden will be made a little lighter. I say this because burdens are always made lighter using effective systems that help organize, automate, and manage the vast amonts of data we tend to put on websites. Content management is basically a synonym of wordpress. Uploading pictures, documents, and organizing them is all possible with wordpress. One thing to keep in mind as you use WordPress to optimize your website so you can be found faster on the internet by qualified people is creating content that is valuable for your audience. That’s one of the most crucial principles to follow to internet stardom.

Reason 3:  Tools galore!

The tools I’m primarily speaking of here is something called a “plugin” . Think of a plugin as a tool and it’ll be easier to understand what WordPress plugins do. For the sake of comparision lets take building a house for example. Before you start building you’d take an account of what type of materials and tools you’ll need to successfully build your house as easy as possible. Those who don’t consider what tools to use will find themselves with a huge hernia wishing they never started the project in the first place. Well, this is just like building your website. Although WordPress makes it simple to start promoting that latest business idea, product/service you must take into account the tools you’ll need to be successful. I’ll be writing about valuable tools you’ll want to use in in the future, but suffice it to say start now if you haven’t done it already to write down the purpose of your website, who your market is and then the tools you’ll need to serve your audience the best. Some plugins to get you started are:

  • ALL in one SEO
  • MailChimp
  • Polls
  • Wybia

Reason 4: Control Freak Magnet

If you abhor the thought of having to ask your website master/programmer each time to make a text change, or to swap out an image for you then WordPress is your panacea. Making changes to pretty much anything on your website is possible even for the novice. I say this tounge in cheek because there are of course more advanced tweeks you can make to wordpress that requires some experience, but for the newbie just starting out the wordpress text editor makes is easy as cake to make changes yourself.

Reason 5: Content Management

I’ve mentioned this one a little above, but I’ll provide some extra insights into this reason. Content ranging from images, PDF’s, Word Docs, Excel files, Flash, Mp3’s, etc…all can be easily uploaded into your wordpress content library and stored and utilized whenever you want. With each upcoming wordpress system release that there tends to be improvements to the way your content is organized. For example one of the neatest features the latest release of WordPress allows you to easily resize and crop any image you upload so you don’t have to worry about doing it before hand. Creating galleries for all your images is a synch.

Reason 6: Flexibility

One day you decide that the appearance of your website is boring, dull and you want to change it. If you had a normal website you have to scrap it or redesign the entire site. With WordPress though you click a few buttons and the entire look and feel of your site is changed. It gets better though..all the content of your website stays in tact and doesn’t get harmed at all!

Reason 7: Membership

If you’re looking for an easy way to create a membership site for people to sign up for and be given “special” access to your website then WordPress also has a super way of allowing you to do this.

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