What is a principle?

Following you’ll read my perspective at this time about what a principle is. I’ve put some other appending thoughts as well, just for fun.

For a while now I’ve been reviewing and refining my ideas about principles and what they really are. If you love the self-improvement world and enjoy learning, then you’ve heard a lot about principles; you may have even observed that the word “principle” is tossed around like a bag of potatoes and may have a confused meaning now. The past few years I’ve heard so many people say this and that is a principle, but have failed to explain what it really thus grasping its REAL meaning,. Having a solid understanding of the definition of any word in the context in how it’s used clears up most if not all confusion. So as a side note, I have found that any time I’m a tad confused about what is being said, or read etc…I am getting into the habit of asking myself if I understand 110% how certain words are being defined and used.

With that said the ideas you examine below intertwine together like a spiders web and should be considered in that type of context instead individually or alone in a vacuum.  My goal with this post is to establish a solid foundation in your mind of what a principle is and what it is not. If there are contrary thoughts opposing any idea below I would love to hear them!

  1. A principle is a simplified statement of TRUTH that will ALWAYS lead to true joy & happiness in TIME whether you believe it or not. The time factor is the single most challenging factor in the aforementioned statement in my opinion because that is where we prove our character and how self-disciplined and persistent we become.
  2. Principles are ALWAYS good. There are few absolutes in this life, and principles are some of them. No matter what people tend to believe, nothing you and I or even God or the devil can change them.
  3. Another way of labeling a principle is calling the statement an eternal truth. You could simplify the words “eternal truth” and say just “truth” because truth by nature is eternal so its kind of redundant, but you get the point :-) What this means to me is a principle has always been in existence, it’s never had a start and will never end. Some people call these Universal Principles, but once again the word Universal is redundant since principles expand all space and time, not just on this earth, but all through the eternities.
  4. Principles define who we are. The more principles we discover the very nature of who we are  and what we do takes on more meaning if we live a principled life. It’s the meaning in life that gives us a reason to live and guides us to do what we do each day.
  5. Meaning in life is ultimately found by understanding and drawing nearer and nearer to God. It is through this process we discover principles to guide our actions. The actions we conduct make us who we are and will deliver us either in the hands of the devil or the hands of our God; there will be no middle ground or grey areas. This is one of the paramount values in searching out and living a principled life; and that’s to know that we are on the right path to be in God’s hands/presence for those who love good. If we lack meaning in life  it means we are not drawing near to God and hence the flavor of life diminishes and everything becomes bland or tasteless. Following such as course means one thing..you love bad and choose it openly in the midst of a world of light where knowledge abounds but you choose not to learn and love what is offered. In my opinion there are very few people who would truely do something even close to this.
  6. A commandment and principle are two separate things altogether, because a commandment do not always refer to a statement coming from God; it could come from anyone, whereas a principle once again is true no matter what and doesn’t COME from anyone. Principles just exist and are eternal in nature, they can’t be created all of a sudden from someone’s mind. However,we can come up with different ways of saying the same thing in a variety of ways and in a number of differing languages.
  7. What is a strategy compared to a principle? A strategy is just a stepping stone to get results and then you move on. A strategy will be here one day and gone the next. Strategy is critical to learn and apply but not at the cost of basing ALL strategy upon principle because without it you’re just groping in the dark and are gambling with life. Without principle you’re allowing someone else be in the driver seat of your own car driving you wherever the driver wants; you’re just along for the ride.
  8. Leading a principled life doesn’t mean that you have to know 100% of every nit picky thing in life before you take action; it does mean though that you can act with full confidence and faith that all will be for your profit or benefit by basing all decisions upon principle first, and then customizing the strategy, or the HOW of executing the action.
  9. Principles help us be decisive in nature because we KNOW what the outcome will be each and every time. The hardest thing we’ll have to do is just ACT if we know for sure the principle we are resting our decision upon. If any of us suffer from indecision, learning principles strike action into our step.
  10. Principles are synonymous to the LETTER of the law, and strategies are synonymous to the SPIRIT of the law. Principle is akin to justice, and strategy is akin to mercy. Principles are concrete and steadfast like the northern star at night, whereas strategy is fluid and flexible always changing like the waves of the sea. Mercy allows latitude in matters of judgment, whereas, principles do not. Principles help us see black and white, strategy help us see the color. Principles represent the cake, strategy represents how we deliver it to our customers.
  11. Ultimately ALL principles will lead you and I to true joy and happiness not matter how you classify or express the principle.
  12. Take a look at any of the spiritual, health, or body principles and we can see that if anyone follows the principles we will always profit. What does profit really mean? I think that it’s impossible to have a “bad profit”, or negative profit. Profit means that you’re gaining something positive at all times, it’s an absolute. Principles are absolutes; no matter what happens the result will occur in time as long as they are practiced.
  13. Lets take for example a person who is taking drugs..he/she may THINK they are benefiting from taking drugs, but in reality they are deceived and the drugs will hold them captive and lead their body to destruction. Just because a person temporarily experiences pleasure doesn’t mean they are profiting. To profit means we reap true joy and happiness continually not temporarily which is the biggest key. So we see in these example above that it’s impossible to have a negative or bad profit, it’s an oxymoron. Just for fun, you can check out this list of oxymorons for a good laugh: See the list
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