How to Use Leverage and Automation to Build Your List Faster and Make More Sales!

I built my first list by starting a newsletter called
“Digital Profits News.” I set up a squeeze page (back then
we called it a “lead capture page”) and offered a free
report that I had written called “3 Steps to Profits.”

 Each week, I labored over a formal newsletter that included
current events in the marketplace, resources, and an
original article by me. At the time, I was not a great
writer. But I was and still am a perfectionist. So it took
me all day to finish my newsletter.

 Twice a week, I sent offers for affiliate products that I
either personally used or purchased to verify the quality.
Sometimes my offers were disguised as articles or reviews.
And other times they were just blatant offers.

 The Day That Changed My Business Forever

 One day, I happened to purchase a book by Terry Dean that
really changed my whole outlook on email marketing and
online business in general. It was called “The X Factor”
(before Chris and Alex were even online).

 In that book, Terry talks about how he uses automation to
free up more time for marketing. Specifically, automating
the follow-up process.

 He had taken all the newsletters he wrote over the paste
year (52 weeks) and removed all the dated material. Thus
making them evergreen. At the top of each newsletter, he
posted the name of his newsletter and the current date by
using a personalization field.

 Then he set all 52 newsletters up in the followup sequence
to go out once a week. Each person who signed up would get
the entire series from the start.

 I thought that was brilliant! And I learned an important
truth about list building and online marketing in general…

 Everything You do Online Should be Focused on Leverage and

 Those are the true keys to online success because you’re
only one person and you have a limited number of hours in
the day to work.

 Here’s the difference between an “online job” and a truly
automated business…

 You have a job if you:

 * Publish a newsletter once a week

 * Place ads to generate traffic

 * Send offers to your list

 You’re building an automated business if you:

 * Add each newsletter to the end of your autoresponder

 * Post each article on your Blog

 * Submit each article to social sites

 * Submit each article to article directories

 * Give your subscribers permission to reprint your articles

 * Compile your articles into a PDF report

 * Give your subscribers permission to brand and distribute
your report

 Do you see the difference?

 Now there’s nothing wrong with using paid advertising to
drive traffic to your site as long as you get those
visitors onto a list and get them help you build your list.

 You want to use leverage and automation in your business so
you can do the work once and create a ripple effect that
continues to generate traffic, leads, and sales for months
or even years to come.

 If you use leverage and automation in your marketing then…

 Your articles and reports will spread throughout the
Internet driving traffic back to your opt-in page and all
your emails will delivered automatically offering free
distribution rights to articles and reports and the wheels
go round and round.

 So every time you write an article, report or review, think
about how you can use the power of leverage and automation
to multiply your efforts, build your list faster, and make
more sales!

Derrick VanDyke is the author of Affiliate Cash Secrets.
You can download his affiliate marketing course at

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