How to Motivate Your Staff during an Economic Downturn

As if running a business wasn’t complicated enough, along
comes a hard-hit economy. Each of the issues that the
business owner or manager had to deal with are now
intensified enormously. Morale is now the highest priority,
as it impacts everything, including disposition and
enthusiasm. In days like these, business owners should get
in contact with a successful business coach for counselling
and encouragement. Without a top notch team on task, the
effects of the current economic slump will become crippling.

 Business coach training points to six distinct ways to
motivate your business team during a downturn such as this.
We can summarize them as honesty and openness; gossip
management; team motivation; listening skills; fear
management; and recognition.

 Always be honest. Your team will appreciate it; instead of
beating about the bush, creating additional elements of
uncertainty, get right to the point. We’re all well aware
that body language can easily reveal what someone is
feeling, so don’t attempt and “wing it”, as your team will
– in all likelihood, notice that something is “not quite
right”. Honesty is the best policy and you should deliver
clear and succinct messages. Whilst you should try not to
sugar coat everything, be as upbeat as you possibly can,
whilst maintaining that openness. This is the perfect time
to have a long session with your business coach before
meeting up with your team!

 One of the biggest killers of workplace morale, as
identified by business coach studies around the country, is
gossip. Gossip is viral, and rumours spread like wildfire.
It is amazing that just a small snippet of gossip can be
blown out of all proportion, as it passes from person to
person, from department to department and throughout your
organization. Before you know it, there will be rumours of
lay-off’s, cutbacks, and even complete business closure. It
is your job to stamp on these rumours as quickly as
possible. If you feel that it may have caused widespread
damage, call a special meeting, be upbeat and honest, and
put their fears to rest.

 Motivate your team by taking them out of the office or work
place and into a different environment. This has being
shown by business coach research to cause a considerable
increase in creativity. Although there is of course a cost
attached, you will find that you will gain a lot more than
the actual cost as the team members will come back
refreshed and with a different slant on everything.

 Don’t be afraid to listen! Listening skills are all
important in the business place, of course, but don’t
reserve these skills just for your clientèle. A good
executive coach will tell you to be sensitive and to listen
to the needs of your employees. As the saying goes – “I’m
all ears”.

 Fear is perhaps the worst of all emotions. It’s usually
irrational, but there isn’t anything that will disrupt your
business more quickly should it take hold. Paralysis will
cause your motivation to tank. Insofar as you can control
elements of your day-to-day operation, make sure that you
remove any triggers and exercise as much control over your
staff’s emotional needs as you can.

 Whilst dealing with your staff’s basic emotions on a day by
day basis, don’t forget one of the most important
motivators of all – recognition and reward. Everyone likes
to hear that they’re doing a good job, it is a basic human
need. Studies by organizations that employ a business coach
show that simple things such as a certificate of
recognition, a thank you note, a smile and a pat on the
back, go a long way when it comes to motivation in the

 Whilst as a business owner you may not have control over
many things that happen as a by-product of this recession,
if you listen to your business coach and apply these six
motivational tips, you will make your role as an owner or
manager a lot easier.

Alan Gillies is the Managing Director of the L2L Group,
specialising in supplying Executive Coaching, Training and
Consultancy Services to Businesses around the World. Want
to find out more about these comprehensive business
building success strategies? Get Alan’s phenomenal FREE
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