Day 4 Miracle (A Pilots Perspective & Freedom)

The church calling that I have right now is 2nd counselor in the Young Men’s presidency. This past Wednesday evening we had a career night for the youth. The gentleman we invited to speak to us that evening is currently an active US Army Pilot. He flys a bomber plane to and from various areas across the world and had some amazing stories and experiences to share with us that night.


After listening to his presentation I  asked him why he loved flying so much and why he chose to take this career path compared to all the other options he could have chosen. He said it first started when he was young when his uncle I believe always took him on plane rides. It wasn’t until later, after he had served an LDS mission and was married that he decided that flying is what his passion is, and decided to pursue a carrear in the US Military as a pilot. He went through flight school at UVSC in Orem, UT. He decided to go into the military, and paid the price to earn his “wings”.


Pilots, just as all other military men and women, have to jump through alot of hoops and prove their character and integrity. All the yelling from commanders, on down to the perfect diligence and obience one must portray, as he mentioned, all are designed to bring out the “real you” and test the true person inside of you. The pilot that spoke to us that evening mentioned that the “Perspective” and “Experiences” he has had, and is now having is what has grounded his love of flying for him. I thought this was profound. He mentioned the rare experiences he has had being a pilot; seeing lightning dance in front of the plane during a storm, the sunrises and sunsets he’s seen thousands of miles up in the air, the billowing clouds that take your breath away, the real life experiences he has had paying the price to be a pilot and seeing first hand what really is going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, and what news sources are better than others, all of which most people in this life will never see or experience. All these things and many other experiences he shared with me and the youth group reminded me of how hard the USA military work for us civilians in defending our freedoms we enjoy each day of our lives, and that we take for granted much of the time. 


I am a very patriotic person and love the country I live in. I love America and what she stands for; the values, morality, and principles God has seen fit to infuse into the hearts and minds of the Founding Fathers who loved these values so much that they decided to stand up and defend them. The unalienable rights that God has granted to all men; the right to buy, sell, try and fail. The right to pursue happiness as we don’t harm another, the right to worship, bear arms, form a militia, speak freely, to own private property, to vote, and much more!


It’s a miracle to me to be living in America and to have such heros like the pilot who spoke to us last week defending our liberties. It’s the duty of all Americans to be a rational, moral and God fearing people to continue enjoying the liberties we have.

USA Flag

Some of the Founding Fathers

Founding Fathers



A bomber refueling a Stealth


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