Day 3 Miracle (The Kiddoes and their personalities)

If I were to sum up today’s miracles, beside having Shaylie and Truman, in my life, I would say that it is miraculous to see and learn of the innate, pre-programmed information that Shaylie and Truman possessed before they came into my life. There are quite a few things, beside the observances I mentioned below, Shay and Tru didn’t learn from me or Marcie but were rather taught in the pre-existance of spirits where they learned their first lessons and began to grow more intelligent. My kids are just so fun! They bring an amazing amount of energy, life and spirit into my life, it’s wonderful. It’s neat to observe the distinct personalities in both of them, and that they are naturally inclined and attracted to doing “girl” things, and “boy” things. Before I talk about each child, I’ll have to be honest though Truman has been called “Truma-lina” by me on more than one occasion because he has been caught wearing Shaylie’s princess high heals, and Mom’s pink knitted beanie…it was indeed a hilarous sight to see.


I’ll tell ya Shaylie is about as girly as they get :-) From wanting to wear 20 different princess dresses a day, on down to screaming at decibals unkown to man and dog..haa. She’s always been into dancing ever since she could make sense of music; she’s so creative in making up her own dancing style and adapts to the type of music she hears, it’s quite neat to see. Shaylie does an amazing job in keeping Mom and Dad’s vocabulary in “check”…for example, anytime we say the word “butt” in a scentence, she says (in a I caught you tone) “DON’T say BUTT, say BUM”…it’s quite hilarious. I think one of the most miraculous traits I see in Shaylie though is going back to the desire to doing everything princess style. I’m sure if the veil were rent today, and I could see and know everything as it really is, in it’s complete context and true perspective, then I could probably explain why Shaylie and most other little girls have this innate Princess image & interest engrained in their mind that influences so much of their life. This is miraculous to me. Shaylie just automatically soaks up anything that has to do with a princess. The temples, living with Heavenly Father, the dashing young prince, the castles and ponies, the dresses, the dainty dances and paraphernalia, etc…it’s all Shaylie down to a tee.


Now Truman is a little minature me, amazing how that works :-) He has his own distinct personality for sure, but there is so much of him that resembles me that it’s almost freaky..j/k.  If you took a look at the old pictures of me when I was a kid his age, and compare them to Truman’s pictures now we almost look like twins. I’m sure the genetic scientists could tell me plenty of reasons why this is, but the one thing that I don’t think too many scientists on earth at this moment in time could explain, which I find miraculous, is Trumans innate sense of being a health nut :-) Truman is almost 2 yrs old now, he’s seen and experienced eating healthy foods and seeing Mom and Dad do the same. But the thing that gets me is Truman will eat raw garlic without flenching…yes, folks, raw garlic. I don’t know how many 2yr old children out there, despite seeing their parents eat good and raise them up to be healthy, the kid still will not stomach plain raw garlic, like Truman does. Blaim it on his rock hard stomach, or toughened taste buds, but this is unique indeed to me. I think Truman is destined to be an amazing chef, or nutrional guru, because he’s always wanting to not only eat healthy foods, but help make smoothies, and help Mom out in the kitchen as often as possible preparing meals; he just loves it.



Truman helping Dad make wood blocks

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