Competing & living in Abundance; can they go hand in hand?

Today at church during elders quorum meeting the lesson/discussion today was on the subject of unity and the issue of competition arose and how competition has no place whatsoever in the society of God. I thought this was quite a profound statement especially considering the state of our current world environment. This subject could very well be a subject of controversy inside of many people’s minds. The discussion today was cut short due to time restraints, but I thought that I would come home today and explore the subject on my own in greater depth and share my thoughts on my blog with everyone….go me :-) Feel free to share your thoughts and what you think.  I’ll share some common definitions of competition, pose some questions I’ve been thinking about, and then answer the questions to the best of my ability.

Webster Dictionary Definitions of Competition:

  1. rivalry for supremacy, a prize, etc…
  2. a contest for some prize, honor, or advantage
  3. opposition, or effective opposition, in a contest or match
  4. rivalry in business, as for customers or markets
  5. the person or persons against whom one competes
  6. the struggle among individual organisms for food, water, space, etc…when the available supply is limited

Good Definitions of competition that I have developed on my own:

  1. comparing your thoughts and/or actions to another for the sole purpose of improving oneself, OR, learning from the differences of others as you consider using them as a source of inspiration for you to excel above your own past performances.
  2. a driving force that can foster economic prosperity


  1. Based upon the definitions above, are there any examples  to be found that prove competition is a good thing?
  2. Is there any competition between God and Satan?
  3. If competition is evil, what is the alternative God wants us to do?
  4. What quality of life could we expect to experience right now if people of the world markets did not compete?
  5. Does competition disincentivize unity among each other?
  6. What groups of people, historically, lived together without competition, and if so, what form of action replaced competition to allow prosperity among them?
  7. Does the freedom to compete provide a “check and balance” mechanism among people?
  8. Can competition inspire your motivation to excel in life?
  9. When someone is competing against you in sports, school, business or any other course of action in life, and they do better than you, how does this make you feel inside? What are your thoughts, in general? How would God want you to think & feel?
  10. What is the ideal thought God want’s us to dwell upon if we do entertain the action of comparing ourselves to others?
  11. To say that competition is good or bad would it not mean that there is some point of reference, or something to compare yourself, or the “thing” to. If I lived on an island with no other human being there to speak with, just me and the ocean, trees, shrubs, animals, etc…how would I come to know if I was improving or not? Would improving even be an issue at all?
  12. Is living in abundance the “enlightened way” of prospering with our peers without competition? What is living in abundance mean?
  13. I hear many people say competition is good if it’s “healthy competition”, what does that really mean ?
  14. What thoughts & actions are a part of  “destructive competition”?
  15. What would it be like to live among the people of the City of Enoch and/or the people of the City of Salem in the days of Melchizedek? Did they compete? If not what were they thinking that caused them to act differently thus allowing them to propser far above our current level of prosperity?
  16. Does God expect you and I to live our lives the same way as the people of Enoch/Melchizedek  did in the times past?
  17. How does God define the United Order? and what must we do to begin living it?


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