Day 2 Miracle (Lovergirl meets Loverboy)

Five years ago this upcoming May 1st I was married to my wife for all time and eternity. How it happened was an amazing miracle! I was almost 27 yrs old when I got married (just about a menace to society as Brigham Young puts it). I had caught and released so many women during the dating game up to that point that I was starting to think if there were other “fish” in the sea I would even consider asking out. Well, the stars aligned as they say, I was prompted by the spirit to move to Campus Plaza in Provo the summer of 2003. September 8th I offically met Marcie at our family home evening group and that’s where it all started. I could tell that the goal I set out to accomplish by going to BYU was on the perfect path.


Why is this a miracle you ask? Well, God has told us on multiple occasions that we should believe and expect miracles. However, to actually witness miracles first hand in our lives we have to go forward with faith (take action) do all we can do to apply God’s will in our life, and trust that God will provide. This is exactly what occured to me when I met Marcie. I had tried my hardest to find the right girl that my Father in Heaven wanted me to marry. Someone who had a deep conviction and testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, someone who was drop dead gorgeous, and a lady who had her  head screwed on tight :-) meaning she was smart, intellectual, an excellent conversationalist, and carried herself like a proper lady.


Up to the point when I met Marcie I always wondered about the statement I heard from so many people about finding that “right person” and saying they “just knew”…..well, what did they “just know” that caused them to say “yes” that this is the gal or lad is for me? In retrospect I can now boil it down to four (4) key areas that helped me know that Marcie was and is the “right person” for me:

1) the looks

2) the heart

3) the mind

4) the will of God

I would say that most people can tell when the first three key areas match up with their preferences in finding the right match for them, but when it comes to the 4th point, God’s will, that’s the miraculous part of it all. The first three keys, acted for me as a personal standard. When I met Marcie it was clear in my mind and heart that she was gorgeous, very intelligent, and had an amazing testimony of the Gospel. I did all I could in working it out in mind and heart before God and then the 4th key was turned, the “stamp of approval” was given to me and the rest is history :-) The confirmation was a distinct feeling that translated into the mental realm of knowledge telling me that all prior thoughts and feelings I had about Marcie were true and that because of the values she and I stood up for our relationship would be an eternal one of happiness.


I’ve seen this pattern so many times in my life. The pattern of doing all that I can do, working it out in my mind, struggling with it, and then bringing it to the Lord in sincere prayer. Every time that I’ve followed this pattern it has worked. The biggest clincher in it all is knowing for sure if I really have done “all that I can do” to make something work. Have I struggled and tried my very hardest to make things work in my life? I’m seeing more and more that there are very few instances where there is not more I could do. There are quite a few instances where I’m really hoping for the answer to my prayers to be made manifest in reality, be dropped off at my front door and present themselves, but then I realize I’m being a tad lazy and there are yet other things I could do. Realizing that God has given me all the tools and resources in my life to be successful has made all the difference. There are fewer experiences in my life where I have really done all I could do, I exhausted myself and all my resources at my disposal, and that is when my Father in Heaven stepped in and did the rest I could not do myself. I’m glad that this is the pattern the Lord allows us to follow because how much more weaker would we be without the struggle.


I will always be eternally  grateful for the miracle of having Marcie in my life. It was well worth the wait, the struggle I went through to meet her, and to now be raising a wonderful family together.

Family Picture 2008

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