Day 1 Miracle (Knowledge of God)

The miracle I want to recognize today, is the miracle of the knowledge I have about the supreme God of this earth, and that I have the freedom and choice to continually improve my knowledge of Him and to increase my standing before Him until it is made perfect. 


It is miraculous to me indeed to know that God speaks to mankind today; that it’s as real as the air we breath. He spoke and revealed Himself personally along with the resurrected Christ to Joseph Smith in the spring of 1820.


It’s a miracle to know that my Father in Heaven rules and governs in the lifes of all mankind; that He understands with a perfect knowledge who we are, what we feel, think, desire, what our habits are, our thoughts, our likes and dislikes; that He’s forgiving, kind, and merciful. It’s a miracle to me to know that He intimately cares and loves each one of the billions of his children on earth that have, are, or that will live on this earth.


Miraculous it is to understand that He has an immortal, perfected body of flesh and bone; that His ways are not our ways; that if we are obedient to the laws He has given us, we will, without a doubt, inherit all that He has and eternally progress in wisdom, intelligence, light and knowledge.


First Vision

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