The Preface to Living Miraculously (Trent’s Definition)

Well, today starts a new chapter in the life of blogging for me. For the past couple months my amazing wife has been recording at least one miracle that she has observed in her life every day. I think this is an excellent habit to get into, so I’m off to the healthy challenge :-)

To begin, how do I define the word Miracle? In order for me to label something as a TRUE MIRACLE, it will meet the following criteria:

  1. it will be a a physical or spiritual event or effect in my life that is positive/good
  2. the event may be seen or unseen by the physical eye
  3. the event will ALWAYS occur through a logical reason, but I will not personally be able to always explain that LOGIC all the time.
  4. mysticism will be absent, and God’s hand will be seen in all miracles I witness
  5. the miracles I see will occur by one or more people making a distinct choice in the physical or spiritual world to bless my life.

Jesus and Peter Walking on Water

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